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Claudia Fuentes
3 min readJan 12, 2022


The Art of transform yourself everyday

Design is becoming a huge part of the contemporary world. But we shouldn’t forget that the noble already invested so much in it century’s ago. Everything has design: from the organisation of a house to s simple belt. Today, fashion is a must in every wardrobe and practically, everybody has a define style.

I must say I really like mode and design. I think is so important to identify yourself with what you wear, because other will immediately create an image in their head of you. It is so easy to say: “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but is this really possible? My opinion is clear: no. It is inevitable not to think of a person because of their first appearance. And first appearance are important for everybody: jobs, friends, family… It is important that you are dressed and styled in harmony with the event you are attending.

Design is not something human. Is something natural from the whole planet Earth. Everything has a design. For example, the harmony figure is the sphere. All the elements are tempted to become spheres due to the gravity. The skin of the animal are designed: design to be hard, soft, beautiful, ugly… the butterflies’ wings are an example. Actually the butterflies with more colourful design are usually poisonous. The most beautiful and shining berries are usually toxic too. Maybe the nature is trying to tel us something.

One way or another, the different things that conforms the world have different designs to achieve their goals. Same happens with people and there clothes. If you are going to a party, I would probably prefer something more shining than if I go to a job interview, where I want to be seemed as a responsible person. And is not a black or white situation. Actually, fashion is a whole spectrum of greys.

The Mode Museum of Antwerp is an amazing combination of all those greys. Seeing the evolution of Mode in a performance itself as the museum is. The environment make you even curious about boring white old pieces that your grandma might have in the last drawer of the wardrobe. And then you ran into the amazing modern looks that well known Artist have made: Versace, Louis Vuitton, Prada…

I really admire all the pieces these designer make: they are a scream of power, a whole knew concept on how dress and being seen by other people. This looks are made to be a performance and the models are just simple manikins to them, because the clothes are alive themselves.

It is so much how you can transform yourself with clothes. When I choose my looks feel powerful. I get to be whoever I want. And I get to show the person in front of me the version of myself I want. Something I stand for is being unique. But unique, doesn’t mean to have just one face, own style. Unique means no one can imitate you, known can label you. My life motto has everything to do with this. I learnt this quote when I was a kid an it sticked with me.

“To define is to limit”

– The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

I think this defines, ironically, what I try to express everyday with my clothes. I don’t like people classifying me in one label or other just because yesterday I wore a dress, today I am wearing sports clothes. Tomorrow I will probably surprise you with another style. Everything has a where and a when, I should choose wisely. That is the magic of design and specially of fashion: you have the power, you make decisions everyday.



Claudia Fuentes